Line Weights in Drafted Drawings

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Here is a quick post to talk about line weights.  If you are not so familiar with AutoCAD but you are interested in creating better drawings, and possibly are not experienced with drafting, here is a start guide of what line weights to assign to what elements in your drawings.  Test print and adjust as needed!

1          red          0.010          furniture, casement, fixed/moveable equipment

2          yellow          0.010          stairs details, doors, windows & glazing, elevator cars, toilet partitions, partial height walls

3          green          0.012          toilets

4          cyan          0.012          text, dimensions, leaders legends

5          blue          0.005          hatching

6          magenta          0.016          structural columns

7          orange          0.026          walls, exterior

8          white          0.000          construction lines

9          dk grey          0.016          walls, interior (except partial height walls)

10          lt grey          0.010          partial height walls

11          orange          .025          other

12          tan          .035          other


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