All-In-One Drawing Checklist for Project Review or Printing

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Many times I have completed a project and wished there was an all-in-one checklist of things to look over before submitting or printing.  Here is my checklist to help you reduce errors by systematically, page by page, checking each of these items.  Having a list of everything in front of you makes checking more efficient and cuts down on your checking time to make sure everything is there and done correctly!  This checklist is made for architectural shop drawings or technical fabrication packages in mind.  Feel free to comment to add to the list.

Drawing (General):

  • Save as for using previous drawings (#1- don’t overwrite your other work)
  • Spelling
  • Legible text (Is there too much stuff crammed into one place, or building graphics overlaying text?  Make sure all is legible.)
  • Dimensions
  • Line weights
  • Layers settings- make sure they are printable and unfrozen if need be.
  • Hatching
  • Color (see
  • Missing lines
  • Missing details
  • Do graphics line up when overlaid?
  • Angles
  • Notes
  • Plan/Section/Elevation/Detail Titles
  • Quantities
  • Part names
  • Lengths
  • Detail call-outs
  • Page and detail references
  • If using paper space, make sure all graphics show and are not distorted upon pdf print preview.
  • North arrow
  • Are fabrication drawings using international standard views?
  • Page scale or fit to paper size

Title Block:

  • Initials
  • Dates
  • Revision number
  • Revision type
  • Project name
  • Project number
  • Option 1, Option 2, etc.
  • Client Name
  • General Contractor Name
  • Location
  • Sheet number

Drawing (Specific):

  • Walls
  • Edges of Slab
  • Edges of Roof
  • Windows (Glass, mullions, etc.)
  • Steel/Wood/Concrete Structure Sizes
  • Rebar
  • Insulation
  • Finishes
  • Additional metal parts
  • Floor Levels
  • Column Lines on all shop drawings
  • Columns
  • Ground Level
  • Stations (mapping out ground for construction)
  • Do all systems drawn match structural drawings?
  • In section, are all parts located with elevation labels?  Do they need this?

Print Settings:

  • Specific Printer
  • Page size
  • Paper type
  • Copies
  • Color settings
  • Landscape/Portrait

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