Choosing to Hire In-House vs. Outsourcing

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A tough choice that most executives and business owners have to make when growing their business is deciding whether to hire drawing staff in-house or find outsourcing that can do the job.  This is a complicated decision for numerous reasons.  Your business is only as good as the people who do the work, and the directions they can give to the clients to build your intended product.  Start to weigh the positives and negatives of each and figure out what is most important and relative to your situation.  Here are some short lists of realistic points to consider.

In-house Hire

The good:

  1. Close access.  Everyone can walk to eachother’s desks and discuss detailed issues.  The communication is best at this level.
  2. Company discussions:  Including the drafter in meetings concernng the project is easy, quickly making sure they are aware of issues that may affect the project.
  3. Conference calls:  How many of these do you do in a month’s time?  We all know 1 month is not that much time either.  Easily involve the drafter if need be.  They might have some ideas to bring to the table that you hadn’t thought of for the project.
  4. Oversight:  Close watch on how the drafter spends their time through the day.
  5. Loyalty:  Only working on your company’s assignments.
  6. Close network:  The drafter can get to know everyone they may need to help in the office and/or shop facility.  This leads to improved idea exchange and learning for everyone.

The bad:

  1.  Reputation:  If the drafter quits after a short period of time, there’s a chance he or she could bad mouth your company.  That word could end up with potential clients and people who could potentially help you.
  2. Legal:  If something happens to this person while working in your office, you’re at fault and liable.
  3. Healthcare costs:  More than likely, if you need someone helping you in-house, you need to give them health benefits.
  4. Time is money:  A salary drafter’s wasted time in-office is your money flying away.
  5. Two faced complex:  The person may not be the most controled or well tempered human you’ve ever met, and you have to see them every day.   There are no clear grounds to get rid of them.  The only way to make the best of it is be as neutral and polite as possible, which gets old and frustrating quickly.

Outsourced Hire

The good:

  1.  Save money: Paying per hour or per project (or a combination of both, depending on preset terms).
  2. Flexibility: If the drafter is far from your location, there is less risk to your reputation.  In fact, outsourced help is devoted to bettering your reputation and increasing your production.
  3. Legal: Risks exist, but less-so.  Come to an agreement on the outsourced hire’s pay terms, and you will have little or no problems.
  4. Distance: Less interaction can be a positive outcome.  What you have to say to the drafter is more to the point and less small talk.  They are focused on assisting your business.
  5. Language: They might be at least bi-lingual.  This could help expand your business opportunities in the future.

The bad:

  1. Reachability: Even in the year 2016, communication can be restricted because of distance.  Are you asking yourself: Am I annoying the person by emailing or calling?  What information am I leaving out?  Are they aware of everything that needs to be done the way I want it done?  The only issue at hand should be the correct completion of your project.  If there is any uncertainty, between either party, there should be a method in place to make the communication work.
  2. Checking in: There isn’t any clear oversight on what the drafter chooses to work on at any part of the day.  Your drafter may be balancing projects from multiple companies, and it is possible their turn around may be slower than an in-house drafter’s because of this.
  3. Strictly business: Less of a friendly professional relationship can develop.  The drafter is doing some of the most important work that needs to be accomplished correctly.  The drawings are the heart and soul of your product, and you can see that this person cares about your success; also, if the drafter is very skilled at what they do, there is little chance you will be able to convince them to relocate and come on board to work for you.

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